Management Internship: Masa's

Management Internship | San Francisco, CA

Type of service: Michelin service standards - One star rating.

Bill excelled as a crucial member of the front-of-house (FOH) team, working closely with esteemed figures such as Kimpton Group CEO Bill Kimpton, General Manager John Cunin, Executive Chef Julian Serrano, and Masa's Sous Chef Bill Galloway. He contributed to the operations of a Michelin Star-rated venue, showcasing his dedication to excellence and teamwork. Full time role while under mentorship.

Masataka Kobayashi, born in 1939 in Tokyo, was introduced to Western cuisine by his father, a food dealer, who encouraged him to pursue a culinary career. At 16, Kobayashi decided to become a chef in the French style. He began his culinary journey at the Palace Hotel at 21, under the tutelage of a Master Chef trained by Escoffier, eventually refining his skills in Switzerland and Paris before moving to the United States.

In 1982, Kobayashi was approached to appear on the new Great Chefs of San Francisco PBS series, but initially hesitated. However, after discussions with Bill Kimpton, he agreed to open a restaurant in Kimpton's first hotel in San Francisco. Thus, in July 1983, Masa's Restaurant was born in the Vintage Court Hotel, with Kobayashi showcasing his culinary mastery on the show.

Regrettably, a year and a half later, Kobayashi met an untimely demise in his San Francisco apartment. However, despite this unfortunate event, Masa's has persevered and flourished under the guidance of different executive chefs throughout the years. The initial vision of fusing French cuisine with nouvelle cuisine conceived by Kobayashi has evolved over time, with sous-chef Bill Galloway temporarily assuming leadership in the kitchen following Kobayashi's passing.

Under Galloway's direction, the cuisine at Masa's shifted to a lighter, more seafood-focused approach, with an emphasis on quality ingredients and innovative desserts. Then Chef Julian Serrano took over the kitchen as Executive Chef before launching his extremely successful Las Vegas restaurant career. The restaurant became known for its themed dinners, such as the citrus-themed prix fixe dinner in February 2013, celebrating the harvest season with exquisite wine pairings.

Despite the tragic loss of its founder, Masa's Restaurant remained a beloved culinary institution in San Francisco until its closure in January 2013, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional cuisine and innovation in the city's culinary scene.

Bill successfully concluded a formal training program in front-of-house operations alongside a distinguished team. Recognizing the significance of honing culinary skills early in his career, he seized the opportunity to serve as a Corporate Chef. This role not only allows him to broaden his professional experience within the United States but also affords him the chance to travel to Europe, where he aims to acquire practical knowledge and forge valuable connections in the culinary industry.