General Manager and Director of Operations

Bill played a pivotal role in managing client and vendor relations, overseeing onsite supervisors, and coordinating specialty entertainment. He adeptly managed diverse business functions, from sales to security, contributing to a 3X check average. His leadership not only sustained but also expanded operations efficiently during a period of significant adversity.

Moreover, he developed a telecommunications system to streamline communications and increase client services. He also created a unified communications platform to reduce errors and increase efficiency, demonstrating his commitment to leveraging technology for operational improvements.

Furthermore, he managed marketing and sales web development, along with other technology systems designed and deployed to enhance business processes. Bill’s comprehensive approach and adept management of multifaceted responsibilities highlight his dedication to driving success across all aspects of business operations.

  • Overseeing multi-unit operations on a single property or within a regional area FOH and BOH operations.

  • Revenues from 3M - 40M

  • Covers or guest serviced daily from 300 - 3000

  • Led teams of 30 - 300 including management teams

  • Products and services; Artisan and craft food, beverage, entertainment , events produced.

  • Day-to-day management of operations, coordination of kitchen construction, oversight of entertainment and event sales, contract negotiations, and HR compliance.

  • Successfully reduced operational costs by 30%

  • Saved $10k first month of oversight

  • 3X - 10X increase in check average

  • These roles and project were under contract or full time employment