Business Advisor: Wayfare Tavern

Bill played a pivotal role in advising Wayfare Tavern's leadership from pre-opening through the subsequent five years, focusing on revenue strategies, online sales, and other business initiatives. His contributions led to significant revenue increases, with monthly additions of thousands of dollars through avenues such as gift card sales. The venue exceeded expectations first year revenue and doubling the revenue by its third year of operation. Bill actively advised the restaurant's leadership, leveraging his expertise in the industry. Notably, he collaborated with the CFO of the ownership group to ensure financial success and mitigate liabilities as revenue continued to grow. Bill worked closely with the owners and operators to refine the concept processes to retain and grow revenues. Additionally, he spearheaded the development of online gift cards, generating substantial monthly revenue, and implemented innovative payment tools such as a ticketing system to further stimulate growth.

Business Advisor - Contract

Dec 2009 - Jan 2015 | San Francisco, CA


William has great knowledge for merchant accounts, and he has been a great help since we opened Wayfare Tavern. He helped us to lower merchant account cost, trained our staff any time we requested, and provided us with reliable system and support. He definitely added super value to our daily business.

K.W., Manager Wayfare Tavern

During my time at Wayfare Tavern, Bill helped our business maximize revenue by creating a virtual terminal for restaurant gift card purchases on our website. Patrons appreciated the ease of purchasing. Bill always brought a positive, "can-do" attitude to every situation, and was readily available if there were ever questions or issues with the payment portal. I would certainly recommend his services.

N.M., Marketing Manager

I worked with Bill on the creation of a virtual terminal for restaurant gift card purchases at Wayfare Tavern. Bill was happy to spend as much time as needed to help me understand the process and helped with integrating the system on our social media platforms. Bill is professional, has a great positive attitude and is always available if there are ever questions or issues with the payment portal. Highly recommend his services!